The Communities

The Santa Cruz Mountains have several distinct communities You should learn a little about each one to see if you have a preference between them. Lots of homes are located outside these communities as well. So here is a quick overview:


Aldercroft Heights is very close to downtown Los Gatos on the east side of Highway 17 just past Lexington Reservoir. It is also home to Lupin Lodge, a clothing-optional resort.

This community is served by Lexington Elementary School, an International Baccalaureate School.


This community has easy access on and off Highway 17 and is located on both the west and east side of Highway 17. Homes on the east side are referred to as Lower Redwood Estates and the west side is called upper Redwood Estates or just Redwood Estates.

This community is unique in that it has a small market, Post Office, community center, Fire station, community pool, several parks, and an Italian restaurant called Nonno’s. Nonno’s has delicious pizza that can be taken home and cooked or cooked in their wood-burning oven that overlooks two Bocce Ball courts in the outside dining area. Nonno’s also has weekend BBQs, wine tasting, and special events. It serves as a gathering spot for the locals that live in Redwood Estates as well as elsewhere on the mountain.


Chemeketa Park is a community on the east side of Highway 17 and has a community center, a community park, a community garden and has easy access to Highway 17 using the Bear Creek Rd overpass.

This community is served by Loma Prieta Elementary School located on Summit Road.


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Summit Woods became famous for hosting the first Halloween after the 1989 earthquake. They host it every year and residents from all over the mountain drop off candy to help offset the cost. It’s a lot of fun.


Once home to a large estate (called The Villa) this property was subdivided into a community that is just off of Summit Road and near the elementary school. The community has a Loop road that residents walk. It is also home to Neil Wiley who publishes a monthly magazine called the Mountain Network News. This is distributed free to the residents in 95033.


Located on the west side of Highway 17 just past Summit Road. When this community was founded, the original owners established tennis courts which have sadly fallen into disrepair as the original owners have aged and lost interest in the courts.


Las Cumbres is located off of Skyline Blvd. and. Feels like a resort. The community has amazing views, a community garden, a community center, and its own Fire station.

Many homes have amazing long-range views.


This community is on the West side of Highway 17 just outside of Los Gatos. The homes are close together and many are located right on the edge of the creek that tumbles through the community.

It is served by Lakeside Elementary School.


This community is located near Lakeside Elementary School and is located along Black Road and the side streets. There are some amazing homes along this road.


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At one time this was the backwoods of the mountains. Some would say it still is. It is reached by way of a patchwork road that will likely never be paved properly. Loma Chiquita is primarily a dirt road on the edge of Morgan Hill and Los Gatos. The residents live out here because they like the space, they enjoy shooting guns, raising farm animals and homeschooling their children.

This area is served by Loma Prieta Elementary School.


Located near Highway 35 and Highway 9, these homes are behind a gate and very close to Castle Rock Park and provide an interesting commute to Silicon Valley.


On the East side of Highway 17 and east of San Jose Soquel Road, this community is centered around Skyland Church which has been standing for over 100 years.

Across the street from the church is a collection of life-size dinosaur garden ornaments that are decorated for the holidays.


Who knew the Santa Cruz Mountains had a mobile home park? The Willows is located on the east side of the Santa Cruz Mountains and has a pool and its own little community.